Elven Lords

It is said that the Elves were the first race born from the drops of blood spilled in battle by their God Corellon Larethian. Like us Humans the Elves have evolved into multiple sub-races. Modern day Kavilion Elves consist of seven tribes. These tribes are represented by the Elven Lords. Each tribe has a seat on the council though one tribe the Deep Elves or Drow currently sends a representative to the council. An eight seat represents those of Half Elf decent. It has been many generations since these Half Elves have been represented.

The Elven gods select one representative from the counsel as High Lord the defector leader of the counsel. Most of the time the High Lord is a High Elf yet there have been several selected from the other tribes. The current High Lord is Candurn a Sylvan Elf.

While we Earth Human’s have forgotten magic choosing Science instead. It was not always the case. Elves are beings of magic able to perform great feats. Not relying on machines to take care of them. They maintain a close tie with their world. Each of the tribes have chosen a specific part of the world. The tribes have adapted to the area of their choice.

The Elven Tribes:

High Elf

The High ones are in fact the original Elves they have chosen to live high in the mountains as the race was born in the mountains. Because of their origin they are highly respected among the other tribes with the noticeable exception of the Gray and Deep Elves.

Gray or City Elves

These Elves are the only ones who have chosen to build large cities and what cities they are. That said outsiders including other Elven Tribes are never invited to visit these cities. The feel they stand above all other tribes and insist that not only must Elven blood remain pure but so must their way of life. The Elves must not associate with the other races.

Sylvan or Wood Elf

Called the children of Sylevran the Wood Elves live in small close net groups that seldom stay in one place very long. As their name implies they live in the forest and are able to move virtually unseen and unheard.

Deep or Drow Elf

The Drow became obsessed with precise minerals and gems as these are found deep within Kavilion the Drow moved into hidden caverns. In time their hearts became as dark as the world in which they live. Turning their backs on their surface dwelling cousins and their gods they found a new goddess whose heart matched their own.

Aquatic or Water Elf

As with our own world Kavilion is largely covered by water. The Aquatic Elves learned to respect the sea and in time evolved to breath not only on land but under water as well. They chose to live in the Oceans and seldom are seen by others.

Artic or Snow Elf

As their name implies the Artic Elves chose to live in Kavilion’s ice caps. Elves respect life of all kinds and seldom spill another’s blood. Needless to say elves as a whole eat little meat. The Artic Elves lack a reliable source of vegetation so unlike the other Elves they eat mostly meat. They still respect all live and hold a special reverence for those who must be killed to feed the tribe.

Desert Elf

Most find the barren waste of the desert unattractive. Yet if they were to take the time they would discover that deserts are in fact a place of great beauty. Desert Elves know the beauty that lies concealed from most and make the desert their home.

Half Elf

For the most part these are Elves whose bloodline is not pure. No matter how many generations have past they will always be only Half Elf. The Gray Elves take this a step further if a madden has been taken by one of another race they will no longer be accepted in to the tribe and will be seen as Half Elf for all generations. In fact, Gray Elves must not even mate with Elves from the other Tribes. Illionsa was once a Gray Elf. But after her village was destroyed and she raped by human’s she was never again allowed into the Gray Elf’s cities. She later fell in love with one of her human rescuers and they were married. This forever turning her back on her Gray Elf heritage. Angered over her treatment the Elven God Corellon Larethian, father of the Elven Race, declared that all who passed any Elven blood were his children. He ordered the position of Half Elven Lord and appointed Illionsa as the first Lord. Illionsa later became High Lord The first non-High Elf to be so honored. Corellon Larethian made it clear that her Human Husband, and their children were more dear to him than all of the Gray Elven Tribe.