About the World of Kavilion

These books have been translated into English from the original text. However, many of the names have no English equivalent. Therefore, we have done our best to provide the closest phonic spelling of each name.

Because their scale of distance and measurement are based on powers of ten, just like the metric system, we have chosen to use the same prefixes that ae used in the metric system to provide a common point of reference. It’s important however to note that their systems are not the same as our metric system.

Science vs, Magic:

Only one can truly exist on each world, while on Earth we ultimately chose to follow science, the god’s have forbidden the study of science on Kavilion. Here magic is a major part of life. Those on worlds such as Kavilion, for there are many such worlds, would see the use of science as laziness, using a machine to replace what they can do with magic. The truth is our Earth was once full of magic but as the understanding of science grew, the gods removed all magic, for the truth is “all magic comes from the gods though how it is used and how it is available differs from creature to creature and even from within the races.

That’s not to say that there is no science at all. The have the wheel, are able to navigate by the stars, and of course build roads, walls, and buildings. However, there is no advanced science.

Four types of magic:

  1. That which comes from the gods ofttimes through prayers this is the magic that priests use.
  2. That which comes through nature. This is the magic used by Druids, Rangers, and non-intelligent beings that have magical abilities. Some magic users may also learn to draw on this kind of power to a limited extent.
  3. That which comes from within. Not all beings are able to draw upon this type of magic. It is the power of the magi and such.
  4. That which comes from the dark. This is the power used by demons and devils. Evil wizards learn to draw on this power in addition to their own.


  • A period is divided by Light and Darkness.
  • a period starts not in the middle of the night as it does here on Earth but at first light.
  • Eight periods (days) in a quarter cycle (week)
  • Four weeks in a cycle (month)
  • One cycle is a full cycle of their moon.
  • Twelve cycles (months) in a quad (year).
  • A Quad is the amount of time it takes to revolve around their sun. It’s called a quad because it incorporates all four seasons.
  • They have four seasons just like on Earth Each season last three cycles.
  • The seasons are Wakening (Spring), Growth (Summer), Harvest (Fall), and Rest (Winter).


  • For the Elves’ their main holidays are Wakening and Harvest which falls on their respective equinox.

Distance and measurements:

  • Distance is based on the average size of a step Elves are slightly taller than Men and have a longer step, each elven step is about a yard or meter. Ten steps are a deka-step, 100 steps are a hecto-step, 1,000 steps are a kilo-step, a million steps are a mega-step.
  • A similar system is used for sizes using an arm’s span the distance from the fingers on one hand to the one on the other with the arms spread wide. The size of most fish that got away. They are a span, 1/10th of a span is a deci-span, 1/100th span is a centi-span, and 1/1,000th span is a milli span Lacking the science of Earth, there is little need for smaller measurements.

The Races and Subraces


Common NameSpecific DomainHistoryCharacteristics
Aquatic ElfWaterThe Aqua love the seas, oceans, and lakes originally, they lived on the coast and spent much of their time freediving to discover the oceans treasures. In time they developed the ability to breath under water and moved underwater.The Aqua are almost translucent in appearance. They maintain the ability to breath both air and water but spend most of their time underwater and are somewhat uncomfortable on land. Their hair is green much like seaweed and their eyes are mother of pearl.
Artic ElfIce or WinterSeeking solidity, the Artic Elves moved away from the greener lands toward the colder ice caps. It is unknown if they moved toward one ice cap first and later separated or separated from the start but there is enough in common between the two groups that it leads one to believe the separation came later.The Artic Elves have pale almost white skin with silver hair and eyes. They are primarily meat eaters and wear skins made from the animals they eat. They are avid swimmers covering themselves in animal fat to protect themselves from the cold waters.
Cloudhigh places and the cloudsThe Cloud Elves love the skies and though they lack the ability to fly they have formed a symbiotic relationship with the giant eagles. They are often seen riding on the backs of these great birds and living among the highest mountain peaks.The Cloud Elves have pail skin and long white or silver hair with blue eyes. They dress in long white robes ties with a golden sash.
Desert ElfSand or SummerThe Desert Elves, much like the Artic Elves, desired saluted. They found their isolation in the wastelands of the deserts. They are nomads living in tents and always on the move. It is said that they have some cave communities but their location and in fact very existence is a closely guarded secret.The Desert Elves have tan skin and sandy colored hair, they dress in tan robes with a scarf tied around their heads. As desert dwellers they are protective of their watering holes, often keeping the buried under sand covered rock piles.
Deep ElfCaverns far undergroundThe Deep Eves started out as miners. Digging into the earth looking for the beauty which lay hidden below ground. In doing so, they discovered a vast network of caves that span the globe. There they also discovered the serpent king which turner them away from the true gods. The Deep Elves know nothing but evil and their lives are one of pain and terror with the exception of the Priests and Priestess of the serpent king.The Deep Elves Have dark skin with jet black hair and dark brown or black eyes. living underground, they are uncomfortable out in the open and sensitive to light. They consider everyone and everything to be their enemies to be either killed or enslaved.
Grand ElfCityThe Grand Elves are builders and artists, they live in magnificent cities the likes of which are unknown to the rest of the world. As their name may imply, these Grand Elves have a high opinion of themselves, Not only considering themselves better than the other Elves, but better than all other races. They never associate with non-Elves and seldom associate with other Elves. No non-Elf has ever seen the Grand Elves’ cities, truth be told few other Elves have ever been invited or allowed into their cities.The Grand Elves are flamboyant in both their dress and actions, Thier skin is a light tan while their hair is often brightly dyed. They robes are bright often muti colored and cut low leaving the male’s chests bare. They are like the peacock strutting around doing their best to be noticed. They seldom leave their cities and are fine artists, musicians, and architects.
High ElfMountainIt is said the Mountain Elves are said to be the original Elves. Born from the blood of Theodmer Ularorisin the caldera of a dead volcano, TThe Elves
Sylvan ElfWood or Forest

The Gods

Though there are too many gods to list We will attempt to list the main ones here.

At first there was nothing. This nothingness was called chaos. A rive opened in the nothingness and spit forth the gods. The gods found nothing and in despair turned to their brother Theodmer Ularoris asking what should we do? Theodmer Ularoris created the first of the worlds and brought forth plant and animal life. Which brought joy to many of the gods but others felt that this order went against the chaos which was their father and rebelled.

Elven Gods

Theodmer Ularoris He is seen as the father of the Elven race.
Elora Inaynore Theodmer Ularoris’s sister and the most beautiful of all the gods. She is the god of the Dryad, Druid, and most animals. Though Theodmer Ularoris is revered by all Elves, The Sylvan Elves maintain a special bond with Elora Inaynore.

Gods of Chaos

Gaelin ReycyneGaelin Reycyne is considered the main God of Chaos