What fools we are to think that the Earth is the only inhabited world or that humans are the only intelligent life forms. Truth be told; there are countless worlds, all with their own life forms. Many intelligent races exist; some are humanoid and others that are far from it. The Gods have created worlds without number; some populated with multiple intelligent races, others with only one race.

Long ago, Earth included Dwarfs, Elves, and many other races. The races battled and killed off one another, making Earth home to the children of only one God, those lost races can now only be found in myth and legend, unlike Kavilion; which has managed to stay a home for all races. History does not tell us which world came first; however, it is clear that Kavilion holds claim to being the first populated world.

Elves were the first of the intelligent races born from the battle between the gods of chaos and the gods of light.